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Quick Note on MadBum

October 25, 2012

Earlier today Andrew Baggarly wrote this about Game 2 starter Madison Bumgarner;

Bumgarner has an 11.25 ERA in two postseason starts, both at AT&T Park, and he hasn’t survived the fifth inning in either of them. But getting yanked from the NLCS rotation allowed him to work on his mechanics in side sessions, and the 23-year-old left-hander said he corrected a flaw in which he was over-rotating.

“And that was causing a lot of other problems,” Bumgarner said. “I’ve always been a guy who closes off some, but it was too much. Throwing that way causes a lot more stress and causes me to tire out a little faster.”

So what exactly does this look like and what would this fix look like?

Bumgarner has an extremely pronounced and long delivery to the plate. As seen by this behind home view from his start in Game 1 of the NLCS.

Easy to see how MadBum could easy blow out his front side, which he admits to. Now what happens to a pitch when this happens. From the same at-bat, the pitch Freese hit his two-run homer;

Two things to take note of; 1) at the point of  release you can see how his fingers just roll off the side of the ball that causes the pitch to 2) tumble instead of dive in towards the inside corner.

So what changes can you look for? Do not be surprised if you see his arm swing is a little shorter than the above and don’t be surprised if turns into a left-handed version of Jered Weaver and close off his front side a bit. Also don’t be surprised to see him work the corners a bit more tonight, trying to keep the ball out off the large part of the plate.

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