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Prospect Notes – Dylan Bundy

August 20, 2012

I got the express pleasure of seeing Dylan Bundy pitch in Richmond tonight. I am sure there are millions of words written about Bundy as a prospect already, but what’s a couple hundred more?

Bundy threw three pitches tonight; fastball, curveball, and a changeup.

His fastball sat 93-95 early, touching 95 in the first inning, and topped out at 97. He worked it well to both side of the plate well and had nice arm-side run to it. He was also very aggressive with it, willingly going up and in to a couple batters to brush them off the plate.

Bundy’s curveball sat 75-77. He showed the ability to not only shape the pitch, but to throw two types; the one for strikes and the one to bury in the dirt. There were a couple of times where he buried the pitch when he was trying to throw it for a strike, but he showed the ability to control it. Late in the game he would throw it a lot, using it to set up the fastball. The curveball he threw in negative counts was more of a power curve, where as the one the threw for strikes was not necessarily loopy, per se, but it had a noticeable hump to it.

The changeup sat 83-85, but he only threw this pitch eight to ten times in the game. Had nice run and he threw it with the proper arm speed.

He works quickly, which I love, and gets into a rhythm well. The arm action is smooth and repeatable, without a lot of stress or sense of using all of his energy to produce the speed.

My knock on him was that he threw really only the fastball and curveball tonight. Late it the game it became clear what he was going to throw the batter and any batter with any ability could sit on a pitch. The two hardest hit balls, Monell’s double and Perez’ home run, came on inside fastballs that the batters sat on. I will not sit here and try to say that I understand why the Orioles did this, I’ve heard of a similar instance when he threw a large number of cutters, but it was very odd to see.

All of the following videos are available in HD, I highly suggest making sure that is the quality selected when you start to watch them.

I especially like this video because you are able to see the different curves he featured tonight.

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