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This Is Just Asinine

July 25, 2012

Late last night Scott Ostler posted possibly one of the dumbest, least thoughtful articles I have read in a while. It is, of course, based around the Lew Wolff/Billy Beane are evil, blah blah blah. But what struck me as just absurd was this gem:

Beane is programmed to trade away anything of value. He justified his offseason trade-a-palooza …

Let’s not talk about the fact that because of those trades the Athletics are competing and can for the foreseeable future. Let’s not talk about the fact that two of those players traded, Guillermo Moscoso and Josh Outman, are showing their true talent in Colorado;
Moscoso : ERA -8.23  FIP -5.33 xFIP- 3.93  WAR – -0.1
Outman   : ERA – 9.00 FIP – 5.06 xFIP -3.87 WAR – 0.2

And don’t even cry “but teh humidorz!11!” Nope.

Let’s not talk about the fact that Andrew Bailey hasn’t even pitched an inning this year. Let’s not talk about how Ryan Sweeney is having another Ryan Sweeney year.
Sweeney : AVG – .267 OBP –  .311 SLG – .379 wOBA – .301 WAR – 1.0 K% – 20 BB% – 5.7

Let’s not talk about the great year that Josh Reddick is having. Let’s not talk about the fact that Ryan Cook is having a great season. Let’s not talk about how, even though he isn’t used as much as he should be, Seth Smith had added some needed power in the lineup. Let’s not talk about the fact that, although he can’t pitch away from home yet, Tommy Milone has been a nice asset in the rotation. Let’s not talk about Jarrod Parker either!

No, let’s just shit on a keyboard and hope that everything is true!

But you can’t build a baseball team for five – or 15 – years down the road. That’s ludicrous.

Sure you can and no it is not. That’s what the Rays did. What the Astros are doing. And if you talk to anyone with any knowledge on how baseball works, they will tell you that the Astros are doing it right.

If Beane and Wolff bust up this team, by selling or trading off even one important piece, they can never be trusted again.

Yes, god forbid, they ship off a fan-favorite or something like that to help improve their chances at possibly making the post-season. God forbid they, you know, make a baseball move.

I mean, I shouldn’t expect much more than this from SF Gate, but this is the kind of hack journalism that pisses me off. It’s also the kind of hack “journalism” that passes for good. If you’re going to write something, make sure you have the facts. But when it comes to Beane, I guess not. Let’s just hate the man that made the A’s relevant again.

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  1. July 25, 2012 11:13 pm

    The Giants winning the series in 2010 with Sabey-Sabes at control set a lot of Bay Area sports “journalism” back 20 years. “Ladies and Gentlemen, The 2010 World Champion San Francisco Giants” is all the facts they feel they need to go after Beane.

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