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Raise, Fold, Check

July 19, 2012

As I briefly mentioned yesterday the Athletics find themselves in an interesting position. With the advent of the second Wild Card the A’s are a half game out and with the trade deadline under two weeks away they have a chance to make the playoffs for the first time since 2006. Over at MLB Daily Dish Tom Froemming (I wonder if he is related to Bruce the umpire) wrote an interesting article about how the second Wild Card has screwed up how teams approach the deadline. He has one paragraph that particularly stands out to me:

From 2001-2010, the Twins won six division titles and had just one losing season. The team consistently built a roster capable of lasting in the weak AL Central, but not to compete with the big boys once October started. The Twins had been swept out of the playoffs in each of their last three appearances.

Sounds kind of familiar, doesn’t it? And kind of how the Athletics roster has been since 2007. Always just one step away from post-season play, and here they are again. But should they make the jump? Make that one trade? I am not so sure.

At the start of the season I championed the idea of the Drive for Five. With the roster the way it was going into the season and how Texas and LAAAAAAA got into a money battle, I did not expect much. Tired of the middling records and middling  draft picks. I would have been happy to play a bunch of young guys, see what he had as far a major league talent, and finish with one of the five worst records in the league. And no, I am not talking about purposefully throwing the season. That is completely different. Well, that desire went out the window at the end of the first half of the season.

Yes, the A’s are in contention but they are holding on by the skin on their chinny chin chin. At a +13 run differential they are playing to their Pythagorean record but barely. With one of the worst runs/game (3.82) in the league, offense is obviously something the Athletics need to address. I mean, the frickin’ Mariners are outscoring the A’s!  But is there someone available by trade that is going to drastically increase their runs/game? At 9.2% chance of making the playoffs (0.1%/ division and 9.1%/ Wild Card) who could they acquire that would drastically improve their chances?

At some point the pitching staff is going to falter. Tommy Milone seems to leave his pitching ability at home. Our closer has a beautiful SO/9 but a pretty terrifying BB/9. Half of the starting rotation is held together by spit and duct tape. Yes it is one of the best in the league, but for how long? And with an offense that can’t always mask the mistakes of the rotation, what is the point of possibly mortgaging the team’s future for a first round dismissal. Depending on who you are, you already think the A’s did this with Milton Bradley.

If I am the Athletics, I just hold. Are there some players they could unload? Absolutely. But I think it is a bit foolish to go chasing after a playoff run that we are not even sure they could make.

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