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Change Is Good, Necessary

July 18, 2012

If you have followed me for any amount of time on Twitter you know that I started this site in hopes of providing scouting of the Flying Squirrels. If you have visited the site, or again continued to follow me, you have also noticed this site has laid dormant for a while now.

The site never evolved into what I wished it would and instead turned into a site for glorified game recaps. You don’t need that, no one does. We get enough of those as it is. So I stepped away. Now I’m back.

The site has, and will, go through some changes and growing pains. You’ll notice the header has changed (and yes I did partially jack the slogan of Dogfishhead). Anything written here that seems odd or unconventional is not written just to be unconventional. It’s what I truly think, thus it will be slightly off-center by nature. You’ll get some MiLB stuff, some MLB stuff, numbers, even some coaching philosophy. It will be a nice little hodgepodge.

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