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Video Dump w/ Notes

May 1, 2012

Have a ton of video and what better place to put it? Let’s do this.

Right off you get to see why I really like Ari Ronick. Against lefties, with his height and arm span, that slider can be absolutely wicked. However, since he broke in with the Giants in Low-A in 2008 he has always had command problems. The last three years his BB/9 have been at 7.56, 5.34, 4.32 (so far this year). Obviously they are trending in the right direction, but that 4.32 is only in 7-plus innings this year. If he can ever get that under control, he could be useful in a bullpen as a possible lefty specialist/LOOGY. He does end up allowing Herman to reach, but notice how much that fastball bores in on the hands of the left-handed hitter.

Notice how Brown seems to just miss the breaking ball? Shows that he recognized it early and was able to keep his hands back. You see, at the end, why I say I feel his swing is tailored best to go the other way.

This shows wonderfully my biggest knock with Liles, he has such a long swing. He loads at the right time, but then he adds a bit of a bat wrap (takes the bat farther behind his head) and then really leads with the knob of the bat. This will leave him vulnerable inside, meaning he most likely has a hole in his swing on quality pitches on the inner half of plate. He has some speed, but he has not really squared up any pitches well (I know, I know, small sample).

Of all the righties in the bullpen this year, I feel Jake Dunning is a bit of a sleeper. You see that he shapes the breaking ball decently, going from a slider/slurve to more of a top-to-bottom curve. He  has decent velocity and has been a bit unlucky this year. Early on his K/9 is down a bit and his BB/9 is up a bit, but this is his first taste of AA. He is still young and has promise. His ERA is way out pacing his FIP (in the wrong direction) at 6.28 and 2.92, respectively. I would suspect the ERA to fall dramatically here soon.  In a bullpen with the likes of Fleet, Maday, and Bochy, keep an eye out for Dunning.

Like I talked about in last nights game recap, you get to see Joseph’s aggressive approach. He does get fooled a bit, but he saw something like and attacked it. He does not have the best wheels, but for a catcher they are average.

This one shows the other side to Joseph’s approach. He waits until he gets something he knows he can handle and just missed it. When he makes solid contact, oh boy.

I will just come out and say that I do not know how Ryan Cavan hits. A switch-hitter he is quieter on the left side, but not much. He does not have the overly pronounced leg lift/kick that he does from the right side, but he still has a lot of bat movement going into the load and right before the swing. He can be over-aggressive at times from both sides of the plate, but more so from the right side. He also does cheat in the zone, especially on the inside fastball, on the right side. This is his first taste of AA and early on he has cut his K/9 in half and has maintained his BB/9 from last year. And his .296 BA is not being brought up by a ridiculous BABIP (it is only .310) makes me believe that he is pretty much at, or just above, where he will be all year. Certainly an interesting player to keep an eye on.

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