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Flip Flop – Game 23

April 29, 2012

Clicking the above line score takes you to the box score

Record – 11 – 12 ( 4 GB of  Akron in the Western Division)
Time – 2:31
Attendance – 5,544 

The Flying Squirrels got ahead early but could not hold onto the lead late. Jason Stevenson started for Richmond and looked good early, but just couldn’t keep out of trouble. He was fairly efficient in his 5.2 innings of work and got the help of two double plays behind him, but the New Hampshire hitters started to figure him out. In all he would he allow four runs on seven hits and two strikeouts. Jake Dunning would follow out of the bullpen and get two innings of work, allowing one run on two hits, one walk, and one strikeout. Ari Ronick closed out the last 1.1 innings for Richmond, striking out one.

For the Rock Cats Logan Darnell went out and put together a sparkling performance. In his 6.2 innings of work he allowed two runs on seven hits, one walk, and eight strikeouts. Former Flying Squirrel Daniel Turpen got the multi-inning save, closing out the last 2.1 innings, striking out two along the way.

At the plate, Nathan Hanson took the Flying Squirrels to task today. He went 2-for-4 with a double and driving in two. Chris Herman added two hits for the Rock Cats as well.

Juan Perez had the best day at the plate for Richmond, going 2-for-4. Gary Brown also drove in a run today on a double to left center, finishing the day at 1-for-4. Ehrie Adrianza also scored a run on a Nick Liles double-play groundout.


– Monell started behind the plate for the second straight day, so he must be healthier than I thought. He was tested once today and he was unsuccessful in catching the runner. His pop time was 1.95. He did show his defensive problems behind the plate again when he allowed a passed ball on a third strike, allowing a run to score. I cannot tell if it is because he is not squaring his shoulders when he goes to block the ball or he is committing to late to a ball in the dirt, but his struggles behind the plate are noticeable.

– Tommy Joseph very much plays first base like a catcher. At the bag his footwork is good and he has no problems. But on balls in play, it gets interesting. He committed an error in the first inning today on a ball right to him and he should have taken himself, but instead lazily tossed the ball to Stevenson who could not handle it. He also ranged way to far towards second base, a ball he should not even be near. With Wes Hodges on the DL expect to see Joseph getting a lot of time at first.

– Nick Liles has one heck of a long swing. He has a long pronounced load and then has a little bat wrap on top of that. He really leave the inside half of the plate open to pitchers and we saw that exploited today. Both Turpen and Darnell had quality velocity on their fastballs, and when they challenged him inside he was not able to get to it.

– Speaking of inside fastballs, Gary Brown showed a  flash of improvement at the plate today. His double to left-center was a bit surprising  given the fact that came on an inside fastball. Brown is starting to show that he is able to get his hands inside the inside fastball and drive it to left and left-center. His approach at the plate is still a bit confusing. Aggressive sometimes. Passive others. But at least he is showing improvement in one aspect of his time at the plate.

– Mayora did not commit an error today, but did make an outstanding play diving to the third base line and throwing out the runner at first.

– The more I watch Juan Perez play defense, the more I wish he could hit consistently. The guy is an absolute gem to watch play the outfield. Again today he almost threw a runner out at third from deep right, while he was falling towards the fence.

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