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How Do The Flying Squirrels Compare?

April 19, 2012

Today Minor League Baseball released the average price a family of four could go to a minor league game for. Per

 Minor League Baseball™ announced today that the average cost for a family of four to attend a Minor League Baseball game this season is $61.23. The total was calculated using the prices of two adult tickets, two child tickets, four hot dogs, two sodas, two beers, a program or scorecard and parking at the 159 clubs in the domestic-based leagues that charge admission. The Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees, who are playing all of their games on the road this season due to a stadium renovation project, were not included in the survey.


The average cost of a night at an MiLB ballpark for a family of four is $69.07 for a Triple-A® game, $61.57 for Double-A®, $61.62 for Class A® and $54.28 for a Short Season-A™/Rookie® contest. The overall and classification averages all fall within $2 of last season’s costs.

That is not bad if you ask me. For years now not only were MLB games one of the cheapest forms of family entertainment, but also MiLB games. But how does the home team stack up to the average? Let us take a look.

Again, courtesy of we get the following chart breaking down the averages per league:


The Flying Squirrels charge one flat price for children and adults. If you sit in the Diamond level seats (lower bowl), it is $10/person. If you sit in the upper bowl (General Admission and Silver Reserved it is either $7 (General Admission and Silver Reserved Monday-Wednesday).

Hot dog

Hot dogs can be had at concession stands and walking vendors for $3, smaller hot dogs are available for kids at $2.


There are a variety of options available for sodas. Bottled 20 ounce sodas can be had from walking vendors for $4. There are 24 oz. cupped sodas are available for $3 and ‘Jumbo’ souvenir sodas are available for $5.


Like the sodas there are a variety of options. If you walk to the stationary concession stands beers are available anywhere from $4 (small) to $8.25 (32 ounces). You are not relegated to the just big breweries (Budweiser, Coors, etc.), but you can get the local brew from Legends as well. Making the pricing actually rather favorable towards the customer.


Handed out freely upon entering. Not bad.


Parking is $3 per car in all lots, but there are plenty of side streets nearby that, if you do not mind a short 5-15 jaunt, you can easily find free parking.


The Flying Squirrels are doing pretty good. Upon arrival, and during their first season, they talked about how they wanted a family to be able to come to a game, park, eat, and drink for close to $50. To this day, they are doing their best to hold true. With as many giveaways that the Flying Squirrels do during the season and if you take full advantage of all the freebies handed out during the game and post-game as you are leaving the stadium, you can easily save some money all over the city.


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