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Notes Dump

April 17, 2012

Just some notes on prospect/Flying Squirrels players (because for some at their age, they can’t really be seen a prospects). Hopefully I’ll get the Scouting the Squirrels page updates very shortly. 

Juan Perez: The more you watch Perez the more you like him. Voted the best outfield defender in the Cal League in 2010, and ranked as the #24 prospect in the Giants system by Baseball America (BA) after 2010, he is outstanding in the field. Takes very good routes to fly balls. Great angles on ground balls in the outfield. He posses a great arm. Picking up an outfield assist over the weekend by throwing out a runner at home. Almost throwing another one out last night and holding a runner a third in the game Sunday.

The one thing holds him back from making the jump, and at 25 (almost 26) it does not look like he may go anywhere fast, is his bat. A .269 career batting average and not a lot of power. The best season he had was 2010 in San Jose in the hitter-friendly California League. That year he hit .298 with 13 HR’s.

Johnny Monell: A very solid, switch hitting bat. I like him more from the right side than the left, but that is just me. He has some pop in the bat as he hit 10 HR’s in the Eastern League last year, eight of them in the not so hitter-friendly Diamond in Richmond. For a catcher he has some speed, and moves well.

His defense is a bit suspect behind the dish though. Whether he just gets lazy or truly misjudges the pitch, too often last year did he let balls get passed him. He has shown improvement thus far through the season, as he has thrown out two runners on well blocked balls. But he still will show flashes of last year. Going out on a limb, I think Monell could take a position change. Part of it being that with Posey in San Francisco and Jospeh the up-and-coming catcher in the system he is pretty much blocked in my opinion. His bat could play in a corner OF position, again my opinion, and he moves well enough to cover the ground along with a decent arm.

Jake Dunning: At 6’4″, 188 pounds Jake Dunning has the height but looks like a stiff breeze will blow him over. But even with a slight build, he has a very live arm. Easily sitting 92-93 and hitting 94 often. BA had him ranked as the #20 prospect in the Giants system post-2010.

Gary Brown: Brown is everything you’ve heard about, and then some. He is having trouble getting his hands inside the fastball in right now. Sometimes he can be a bit over aggressive at the plate, but does seem to know what he is looking for at the plate.

Defensively, he’s pretty darn good. Sometimes he will get lost / take circuitous routes on fly balls, but his speed makes up for it. Speaking of speed, he does have closing speed on balls in the gap and in shallow center. When he gets a good read/first step on a ball, he will track it down. He also has a good arm in center. Over the weekend he threw out a runner a home. There is some hump to the throw, but it is not ridiculous.

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